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Since 2017, our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the industry and creating reliable solar products to serve them all.

Brostek Holdings Private Limited is a Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia incorporated company which has partnered with an Indian and South African based solar products company Varun Solar Projects and Rebaone Electrical and Construction to setup the first and only solar manufacturing plant in Zimbabwe under the brand Brostek Energy. Brostek Energy is set to manufacture solar panels, assemble solar pumps and the design, supply and installing of energy efficient hot water systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and solar powered water purification plants. We intend to service all renewable solar energy needs locally and also generate foreign currency through exports regionally to our respective Southern African Development Community member countries.

Brostek Energy is a renewable energy developer and manufacturer of quality PV Solar panels. We also have a specific focus in solar PV technologies including solar water pumps assembly, solar pressure geyser’s and solar water purification plants and are growing our share of the Southern African renewable energy market. We have been successful in bidding fully compliant and competitive bids regionally and are seeking growth in Zimbabwe as our next scope and then expand throughout Africa.

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